Color Correction with local Adjustments

Color correction with local adjustments involves applying adjustments to specific areas of an image rather than the entire image.
This allows for more precise color correction and can help to enhance the overall look of the image. Here are some basic steps for color correction with local adjustments in Lightroom


  • Repair Damaged photo
  • Restoration of Damp, Faded Photo
  • Restoration of Light-exposed image
  • Compare the original and corrected versions of the image to ensure that the color correction looks natural and pleasing.
  • This treatment should be various depends upon the percentage of local adjustment you are chossing. Access with get started to know the service and pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We only keep your images on our secure servers for a period of 90 days after the completion of your job unless specified otherwise. Our server will remove all images after 90 days.

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We recommented the photographers to give the RAW format of the camera which they were using. It help us to make the color corrections accuretly

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Yes we charge our services for both per project / image basis.

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